Keeping your car logbook up-to-date confirms your car is always running safely and smoothly. Your logbook is also the most accurate record of your car’s service and maintenance history. If you are planning on selling or trading in your car in the near future, a well-kept car service logbook can only add value to your sale price.


A brake is one of the most important controls of the vehicle. This is a combination of some interactive parts. It absorbs energy from the moving part and slows down the vehicle with the help of friction.


Whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission, it relies on a clutch to control the link between the gears and the engine The clutch usually uses friction-material discs or a fluid coupling to help it regulate the power going from the engine to the transmission.


Whether your car is overheating, leaking coolant, losing pressure or any other problem, we can help. We use only quality parts and coolants for the long service life of your vehicle.


Unless there is a specific fault, the timing chain should be replaced between 80,000 and 120,000 miles. Chain problems are frequent in automobiles with increasing mileage. If you're driving an older car or one with a lot of miles on it, keep an eye out for signs that the timing chain is failing.


Engine Diagnostics refers to any type of manual or computerized assessment used to identify problems your car may be experiencing. Most cars today have an onboard computer that can interface with electronic diagnostic equipment and identify specific problems that are present.


The suspension helps absorb energy from the tires to allow the body and frame of the car to remain stable. According to vehicle dynamics, the car's ride is the ability to smooth out a bumpy road, and a car's handling allows it to safely accelerate, corner and brake.